About Me | Michaela Rae V.
Hello there! I'm Michaela, a professional daydreamer and proud mom of two.
As an adventurous spirit, you may find me visiting new places and meeting new faces with my little girls in tow. My main goal in life is to capture the moment and live in it.
I am a Content Designer with experience in graphic design, video editing, copywriting, photography, and content marketing. My skills and experience are varied; I have created headlines, designed advertisements, written ad copy, created social media content, developed demand generation campaigns, captured photo and video content, and written grants to secure funding.
I have several years of remote work experience effectively creating clear and concise content for clients. I am a self-starter who is passionate about developing data-driven strategies to connect and communicate through harmonious text and visual components. I am adept at increasing brand trust through visual, written, and verbal communications.
It's through these artistic outlets that I feel empowered to share my story. Through this space, I aim to share my experiences balancing motherhood and creative projects.  Expect to find heartfelt stories, practical tips, and inspiring visuals. 
I'm thrilled to have you here!
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